The Miller Group

Project Experience – Hoggs Hollow

Project Name:Hoggs Hollow
Location:401- East and West Express Bayview to Avenue Rd
Client Name:M.T.O.
Completion Date:Novermber 2012
Project Description:

The Hoggs Hollow Bridge Project (MTO Contract 2008-2017) is one of Ontario’s largest structures by deck area. It is located on the 401 East and West Express lanes between Bayview and Avenue Road. This structure carries 400,000 vehicles per day in and out of Toronto. The project included a complete rehabilitation of the deck as well as Grading, Drainage, Lighting, Barrier Walls, and Overhead signs. Originally the East and West decks were separate structures, which were “stitched together” as part of this contract. Despite numerous challenges the project was completed by Miller forces in November of 2012, 1 year ahead of schedule.

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