The Miller Group

Project Experience – Bridgeland

Project Name:Bridgeland
Location:401 East off ramp at Dufferin
Client Name:M.T.O.
Completion Date:Spring 2013
Project Description:

The Bridgeland Rapid Replacement project (MTO Contract 2012-2010) consisted of replacing a single span bridge located on the ramp from 401 eastbound to Dufferin southbound with a new 900 ton structure which was built ahead of time on an adjacent scaffold system. This method of construction had never before been attempted in Toronto. A large SPMT (or Self Propelled Modular Transport) was used to switch the old and new bridge decks. Miller used innovation to cut costs by using 2 sets of scaffold in identical configurations and one SPMT, rather than 2 SPMTs and one scaffold. The structure was a particularly challenging one to fit in place with several unique characteristics. It was skewed, superelevated and curved at the joint where it sat on its abutment. The existing structure was removed and placed on a scaffold, and the new one was installed, paved and opened to traffic in 55 hours.

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