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Miller Transit Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Miller Group, which has its headquarters at 8050 Woodbine Avenue, in Markham, Ontario. Miller Transit has been delivering public transit operations and maintenance services to municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area since 1984. Currently, Miller Transit conducts operations under a long-term contract with the Regional Municipality of York. Under this contract, we operate and maintain more than 156 municipally owned buses, and provide modern, efficient transit services to more than 400,000 residents in the communities of Markham, Richmond Hill and Stouffville.  The York Transit fleet includes a broad range of vehicles of different makes, models, sizes, and configurations. The entire fleet comprises of the new-style, low-floor, wheelchair accessible buses.

Miller also operates conventional and specialized transit for the city of Owen Sound, the largest urban community in Grey and Bruce Counties.  Under this contract we operate and maintain the city's conventional and para transit fleet, employ over 30 transit drivers, support and administrative personnel. 

With 25 years of proven operating experience, Miller Transit Limited has established an outstanding track record for providing safety, quality and value. In total Miller Transit employs nearly 300 people, and our team is proud to deliver the 7-day-a-week, 365-day-a-year public transportation services on which the communities and people we serve rely.

Miller Transit employs a staff of about 265 people to operate York Region public transit system serving the growing communities of Markham, Richmond Hill and Stouffville. Our vehicles log more than 7,000,000 kilometres a year in these communities.  The Miller Transit team comprises a diverse group of professional transit specialists, including vehicle operators, mechanics, dispatchers, operator trainers, inspectors, planners, human resources experts, cleaners and detailers. Moreover, our human resources, safety, training and related policies are the best in the business.

The operation in Owen Sound is similar to the one York Region although smaller.  Garage services are provided through the local fully-equipped Miller Paving shop.

Miller Transit receives frequent positive feedback from our customers. In 2007, for example, the number of passengers who went out of their way to call us to compliment our drivers increased by 57 per cent over 2006. We also enjoy a relatively low complaint-to-passenger ration, averaging five or six complaints for every 100,000 people who get on board.

Miller Transit's drivers are among the best-trained operators in Canada. Our new hires initially receive a total of 240 hours of instruction, on top of the rigorous training they need to obtain a bus licence. In addition to this initial training, Miller also requires its drivers to attend another 12 to 14 hours of ongoing training and professional development programs each year.

Miller Transit operates a full-service bus garage staffed by 40 diesel mechanics, apprentices, lube technicians and housekeeping personnel. Under the terms of our long-term contract with York Region, we take full responsibility for the operation, maintenance, and repair of the municipally owned bus fleet. This mandate includes providing all the equipment and staff needed to operate the system effectively, including drivers, route inspectors, mechanics, dispatchers, driver trainers, shop and related equipment, wash bays and parking lots.

Miller Transit is also responsible for maintaining and repairing York Region's General Farebox Incorporated (GFI) fare box system, including depositing the fare boxes into a secure vault and providing regular accountability reports.  Currently, in our contract with YRT the Region is responsible for the scheduling, routing and timing of transit services throughout the region we serve.  We are responsible for operating the system according to the region's criteria.

The Miller Transit team has extensive experience in all aspects of the work necessary to provide high-quality, high-value transit. At Miller Transit, our number one priority is the safety and satisfaction of our riders—whether the riders are students traveling to and from classes or workers commuting to and from their jobs, seniors traveling to and from important medical appointments, or young parents with children on a shopping trip.  Miller Transit is committed to ensuring on behalf of our clients that the communities we serve have access to the safe, reliable, cost-effective public transit services that are so important to the economy and to our customers' quality of life.

Over more than two decades of transit experience, Miller Transit Limited has learned that comprehensive employee training programs not only improve the transit system's overall performance, but also make an invaluable contribution to employee competence and morale.  Our dedicated training professionals have developed extensive programs to complement the other programs we use that are available through the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA), such as the Ambassador Training Program.  Frequent exposure to such training and development courses enhances the professionalism of the system's operators and mechanics, and this in turn leads to greater confidence and satisfaction with the general public throughout the system. 

Miller Transit's dedication to excellence in customer service has led to our being ranked York Region's number one transit contractor for the last two years.  We believe that our insistence on well trained, fairly and equitably treated personnel and the emphasis we place on safety and service is the foundation on which this ranking rests.

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