The Miller Group

Granular Sealing

Tack Coats are thin applications of diluted slow setting asphalt emulsion which are applied at varying rates over milled surfaces, concrete surfaces, recycled surfaces, and between successive asphalt pavement layers. They enable the individual pavement layers to act as one lift by bonding subsequent asphalt applications thereby preventing delamination and slippage. In addition, Tack Coats allow pavement loads to be displaced over a wider area which reduces the loading on the granular sub base materials. Tack Coating is a necessary and cost effective tool to construct structurally sound pavements.

Granular Sealing is an erosion control strategy which is commonly applied to recently-constructed shoulder aggregates to reduce deterioration and maintenance and increase safety.

Miller Paving offers environmentally friendly emulsified primer to achieve both excellent penetration and binding of granular materials. The accuracy and versatility of our computerized application equipment enables the desired product to be applied at varying widths and slopes throughout the length of the project.

Hand wand attachments make it possible to seal sensitive areas around and behind guide rails.