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Highway Maintenance

Several divisions of the Miller Group are involved in delivering routine maintenance, periodic maintenance and rehabilitation services on provincial highways, municipal roads and bridges, and on toll highways. 

From year-round maintenance services to winter snow and ice control, roads, highways and bridges can benefit from the Miller approach to providing quality work and value-for-money.

Miller Maintenance Limited provides a variety of road and highway maintenance services under varying climatic and traffic conditions.  Miller is the only contractor to have delivered maintenance services on Area Maintenance Contracts for Ontario Ministry of Transportation in all five of the Ministry's Regions.  Today, services are provided on Area Maintenance Contracts in such areas as north-eastern Ontario (Temagami-New Liskeard-Cochrane-Hearst); and south-central Ontario from Fort Erie through Toronto to Newtonville.  Included are significant sections of Highways 401, 404 and 400 as well as the QEW.

Our experience on the full range of highway corridors, from multi-lane freeways and toll roads to two-lane rural gravel roads, has enabled our knowledgeable staff to provide customers with unique solutions to their growing maintenance needs.  Through our commitment to staff training, and a continuous review of leading edge and available technologies in the road maintenance industry, the services offered by Miller Maintenance Limited are continually improving in terms of quantity, quality, and sophistication. 

Miller Maintenance Limited strives to maintain a leadership role in the Ontario road and highway maintenance industry and is committed to continuous improvement through education, innovation, safety, and training.  In 2009, Miller Maintenance became ISO certified on the York Area Maintenance Contract – the first contract in Ontario to require certification to the ISO 9001-Quality and ISO 14001-Environmental standards.  Miller representatives participate on the ORBA-MTO Area Maintenance Contractors' Council as well as on the Subcommittee for Maintenance with the Transportation Association of Canada.  Miller also participated on the national Road Salt Working Group, and was a contributing author to the TAC Salt Management Guide.  Through these guiding principles and knowledge base, we provide our customers with outstanding service and value, and this ultimately generates direct benefit to the travelling public through safer roads.

Related Miller Group operations are stationed across Ontario. 

In general, Miller Maintenance provides the following services:

Road Patrolling Emergency Response & Traffic Control
Summer Maintenance Pavement Markings - Lines & Symbols
Vegetation Management Electrical Installation, Inspection & Maintenance
Bridge Inspection & Maintenance Winter Snow and Ice Control
Sign Installation, Inspection & Maintenance Modular Bridge Yard Management

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Road Patrolling

Road patrolling is the routine inspection of the roadway and adjacent right-of-way to detect defects that may adversely affect the structure of the road, adjacent property, the environment or public safety. Observations made and documented during road patrol support the proper management and scheduling of work to ensure maintenance activities are conducted in a timely and cost efficient manner. In general, road patrol and the follow-up maintenance activities enhance safety, and help to extend the life and investment of public and private infrastructure.
During the winter season, road patrolling is enhanced to ensure that staff are fully knowledgeable of deteriorating weather and road conditions. Information from infrared thermometers, Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS), local weather reports along with general observations are just some of the tools used to determine the appropriate snow and ice control strategy and support the appropriate call out of winter snow fighting equipment.
Documentation is a vital component of road patrol as it creates a permanent record of observations made relating to deficiencies in the infrastructure, incidents attended to, weather conditions and general maintenance activities performed on the roadway. Such records can prove invaluable should future litigation require accurate knowledge of past events.

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Summer Maintenance

Summer highway maintenance encompasses a wide variety of activities related to many aspects of the roadway and adjacent right-of-way. Typical activities performed by Miller Maintenance include:

  • Pothole patching
  • Crack repair
  • Roadway sweeping
  • Guiderail repair
  • Fencing repair
  • Granular shoulder and roadway grading
  • Debris, litter and graffiti control

Additional activities include drainage system inspection, maintenance and repair. These may include such items as:

  • Ditch cleanout
  • Culvert inspection and cleaning
  • Curb and gutter maintenance and repair
  • Catchbasin and ditch inlet cleanout
  • Subdrain inspection and cleanout

Miller Maintenance also performs general drainage inspection and maintenance to ensure that water is flowing through and across the right-of-way safely and as intended by the drainage design.

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Vegetation Management

Miller Maintenance provides vegetation management services to ensure the roadside environment is both aesthetically pleasing and safe. Road signage that is obscured by brush, tree limbs or grasses can create a safety hazard that must be addressed through an established program that identifies deficiencies and provides remedial action.
Ground cover is also managed to reduce erosion potential on slopes, protect the environment and extend the life of the infrastructure.
Services provided by Miller Maintenance are:

  • Grass control (for aesthetics and safety)
  • Weed control (including spraying when appropriate)
  • Brush control
  • Tree and shrub maintenance
  • Ground cover (placement, maintenance, and rehabilitation)
  • Bulb and perennial flower planting
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Bridge Inspection & Maintenance

Miller Maintenance provides routine bridge inspection and maintenance services.  Bridge inspections (non-structural) are carried out by qualified staff and reports are prepared that identify minor routine maintenance and repair items to be rectified.  In addition, the local area surrounding the bridge is inspected for erosion problems, obstructions to water flow and other general defects.  Aside from an annual inspection program, bridges may be inspected following damage caused by accidents, severe weather conditions, flooding and ice jams, or where a known problem exists that requires regular monitoring.
Bridge maintenance services provided by Miller Maintenance are:

  • Bridge cleaning and washing
  • Bridge deck sweeping
  • Bridge deck repairs (asphalt, concrete, and timber deck surfaces)
  • Expansion joint maintenance and repair (including bearings and bearing seats)
  • Erosion control
  • Obstruction removal for water flow

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Sign Installation, Inspection & Management

Miller Maintenance installs and maintains regulatory and informational signs on roads and highways across Ontario. Sign inspection programs are undertaken to prepare a sign inventory, and assess and record deficiencies such as visibility, location, proper installation and reduced reflectivity level at night.  Such asset management helps prioritize signage needs in order to meet the required standards.
A supply of standard road signs is kept on-hand to react to missing signs. Also, Miller Maintenance is able to install new signs and sign overlays as required to meet the needs of its customers.

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Emergency Response & Traffic Control

Miller Maintenance provides traffic control services for a variety of roadway incidents across Ontario for both public and private customers. From accident scenes, to spills response, to lane closures for pre-engineering work, Miller Maintenance staff are fully trained in the requirements of the Ontario Traffic Manual, Book 7 that allow for the safe set-up and take-down of the appropriate traffic control measures to address these and many other situations.
Miller provides 24/7 emergency response crews in order to be available to quickly respond to accident scenes, pick up debris and respond to other emergency situations with the necessary equipment to secure the scene.   Further, Miller always has a contingency plan such as having supplementary resources that can be mobilised should they be required in support of the response.
Emergency crews can be available on a call-in basis or they can be set up on a regular patrol basis. A customised approach can be developed to meets the needs of our customers.

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Pavement Line Markings & Symbols

Miller Maintenance provides line-marking services for provincial and municipal roadways across Ontario. 

Miller currently has an inventory of 5 long line striper trucks. Miller crews can retrace lane lines and edge lines, layout and pre-mark new construction in conformance with OTM Book 11 or as per the customers design.  Miller has a number of crews that can apply symbols using traffic paint or durable markings for highway, municipal and private sector organizations. 

line painting, line marking, pavement marking line painting, line marking, pavement marking line painting, line marking, pavement marking
line painting, line marking, pavement marking line painting, line marking, pavement marking line painting, line marking, pavement marking

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Electrical Installation, Inspection & Maintenance

Miller Maintenance provides highway related electrical services in the Peterborough/Bancroft and New Liskeard/Timmins areas of the provinces. Services related to the following highway electrical plant are available:

  • Highway Illumination (Conventional and High-mast)
  • Traffic Signals
  • Traffic Signal Controllers
  • Flashing Beacons
  • Electrical Power Supplies
  • Patrol Yard Power Supply and Facilities

Miller Maintenance can develop an inspection and maintenance program to meet the needs of provincial and municipal road authorities and private customers.

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Winter Operations

Miller Maintenance provides a variety of winter operations services to meet the most demanding needs of provincial and municipal road authorities, and private customers across Ontario. Utilising a combination of plowing, anti-icing, pre-wetting and conventional material spreading technologies, winter snow and ice control services can be designed to meet the varying climatic conditions found in all corners of the province of Ontario.
Our experienced and trained staff have many years of snow fighting knowledge and can design a program to suit your needs.  Whether fully outsourced services, or a balance of in-house and privatized services, Miller supports clients with a comprehensive approach to designing a winter snow and ice control program that minimizes liability by meeting the level of service standards for the appropriate cost.  From designing optimum routes and the preferred resources of materials, equipment and people, Miller has demonstrated experience in fully managing winter works for over 15 years on highway Area Maintenance Contracts.
Miller Maintenance is continuously evaluating new technologies in the winter maintenance industry that will allow us to provide our customers with progressive solutions winter maintenance demands.

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Modular Bridge Yard Maintenance

The Province of Ontario owns a significant number of temporary modular bridges (aka "Bailey Bridges") for use on highways across Ontario during emergency situations or on bridge replacement projects.
At yards in both New Liskeard and North Bay, Miller Maintenance manages the inventory of some half-a-million parts under contract with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. Included in the services are:

  • Inventory control
  • Secure storage
  • Component inspection and repair
  • Annual component maintenance
  • Loading and shipping required components
  • Unloading, receiving, cleaning, and inspecting returned components

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