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Miller Waste Systems Inc. is a waste management company focused on providing market leadership services to its customers. With the corporate head office located in Markham, Ontario it currently has branch operations throughout Ontario as well as in Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. To view the information page for Truro Sanitation and PBS Waste click here.

Miller's roots in waste management date back to the early 1960's when the company began providing waste management services to the Town of Markham. Miller Waste has grown from a two-truck operation in those days to a diverse waste management company today, providing a wide range of waste management services in Ontario and the Maritimes. Miller Waste currently operates over 550 collection vehicles, employs over 1000 people and specializes in waste and recycling collection, dumpster bin rentals, compost & landscaping materials, processing and marketing of materials as well as the design, construction and operation of waste diversion facilities.

Miller Waste's strength as a company is the ability to provide a total solution to waste management by identifying appropriate technologies, and implementing these technologies in an economically viable manner. This experience is of value to all of our customers from restaurants to large-scale developments, we have the ability to manage the complete waste stream and effectively while exceeding all regulatory requirements.

Our Earl Turcott Waste Management Facility (ETWMF) located at 300 Rodick Road in Markham is the largest of its kind in Canada. The facility is 94,000 square feet in size and is situated on 11 acres of land. The ETWMF currently receives municipal, ICI, and public waste. Our new weekend collection centre is open on weekends all year round for public waste and recycling drop off. Please note that some fees do apply.

Miller Waste Solutions Group offer waste diversion solutions to high-rise buildings in the GTA. Click here to view their website.

Check out this video from Global News - "A friendship formed on the Curb".

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