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Miller Compost has been providing composting services to Canadians since 1990. Each year, we process valuable leaf and yard waste along with food waste from municipal and commercial sources. These organic resources are recycled and returned to the communities they come from as high quality organic matter that enriches, rehabilitates and feeds the soil.

Miller currently owns and operates four compost sites nationwide consisting of both outdoor windrow technology as well as in-door Ebara technologies.  Collectively Miller processes 130,000 tonnes of Source Separated Organics (SSO) and Leaf and Yard Waste annually.  Organic waste (pre & post consumer food waste) represents an estimated 30% of solid waste being sent to landfill in North America. As a result, efforts to divert the organic fraction of solid waste from landfills are increasing across Canada.

Over the last two decades, Miller Compost has been an industry innovator by continually challenging ourselves to produce better products that meet the ever changing demands our of customers.  We believe our focus on innovation, quality and sustainability add up to positively contribute to environmental sustainability for our communities.

We offer the widest selection of landscape products and green disposal services to meet your waste management needs. Please visit the applicable category below to learn more about Miller Compost and the products and services we offer.  Check out this great video about Composting in Durham Region.

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