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Miller Compost has always been focused on the educating both DIY homeowners and professional landscapers on the many environmental and sustainable benefits of using compost and compost based products. The following factsheets have been prepared by our professional horticulturist to help you be successful in all your landscaping projects. If you would like to suggest a topic, email us as we would like to hear from you.



Miller Compost Products & Pricing Guide: Miller Compost carries a wide selection of landscape products for your home. Our products can be purchased in many different ways and can picked up at our Richmond Hill location or delivered to your home.

Benefits of Using Compost: For many, compost is used as an organic soil amendment. But compost does so many things that are not only good for your plants, but good for the environment.

Composting and Landscaping at Home: Composting is a method of creating a beautiful outdoor environment in a more natural way. In fact, composting is an accelerated process that mimics nature's own process of recycling.

The Importance of Using Humus in the Garden: What is humus and why is it so important to have in your garden? We will explain the important role that compost plays in added humus to the soil.
Guide for Landscape Mulches:  Miller Compost carries several different types of mulches that include natural, coloured, organic and inorganic products that can be used to make every mulch project stand out! Also learn how to apply different mulches to help conserve water, reduce weeding, and help plants stay healthy throughout our Canadian climate.

Plant A Row – Grow A Row Program: Miller Compost has been supporting the local food movement for over 20 years. Miller Compost and the Compost Council of Canada encourage both homeowners and commercial food producers to plant a little extra and donate fresh produce to local food banks and community kitchens.

Guide to Soil Erosion Control: Compost has many uses; one use is to stabilize disturbed soils from construction projects, and areas prone to soil erosion. Compost is not only economical, but beneficial as pollution control and as a media to enrich soils with low organic matter.

Tomatoes Love Compost: Nothing is more enjoyable than growing your own fruits and vegetables.  Tomatoes are one of the easiest plants to grow and harvest.  Tomatoes are great taken off the vine for adding to salads, sandwiches, and for pickling.  Tomatoes do very well in compost, as they are heavy feeders.  Also, compost helps moderate soil moisture and temperatures that tomatoes find beneficial.

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