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Soil Calculator

As an added tool, we have created an online material calculator to help you figure out how much soil, compost, landscape mulch or topdressing you will require. This calculator will require you to enter in the known dimensions of a given area. These figures are the dimensions of the area in square feet and the depth of material measured in inches.

For this, you will need to measure the area. Using a tape measure, write down your dimension in feet and use decimals for inches. For example, if your flower bed is 10 feet long and 6 feet and 9 inches wide, you would enter 10 for length and 6.75 for width. These numbers give you the area in square feet.

The next step is to determine how many inches of depth you require. Here you would enter the number in inches. For example, if you wish to apply 2 feet of soil to build up your flower bed, you will enter 24 in the inch box. The square area plus the depth will now calculate the amount of landscape material you require.

Basic algebra is used to determine area and cubic yards. The benefits of measuring area are important for many gardening activities. You would need to know an area to calculate how much topdressing, compost, soil, landscape mulch, is required for your garden.  

Landscape Material Calculator

How many cubic yards do I need?

To calculate cubic yards, enter numbers in the boxes below. When entering numbers, don't use fractions (use decimals instead), and don't use commas. It is also a good idea to add 10% extra to account for settling.

We only sell our products by the cubic yard or 1/2 cubic yard. All aggregates are sold by the cubic yard. ORDER ONLINE NOW!

Cubic Yards
Square or Rectangle

This Calculator is designed for Compost, Mulch & Soil applications.
For aggregates: 1 cubic yard is equal to 2.2 metric tonnes approx.