The Miller Group

Primary Processing Capabilities

Aqueous Waste Processing

  • Acid and Alkali neutralization
  • Metal/salts precipitation and removal
  • Emulsified water/oil separation and disposal


Inorganic Processing

  • Wet or dry inorganic sludge solidification & disposal
  • Capability to ship some high value metal salts for recycling
  • Stabilization of metals
  • Fluorescent tube shredding, stabilization & solidification (or shipping for recycling as per customer wishes)
  • Chemical processing for a vast array of inorganic chemicals
  • Stabilization of processed chemical residues (salts and metals)


Liquid Organic Waste Processing

  • Sludge/water separation
  • Solvent/Fuel blending
  • Latex paint bulking & solidification (or shipping for recycling as per customer wishes)
  • Oil based paint bulking/fuel blending
  • Oil filtering and sludge separation


Organic Processing

  • Solidification and disposal of oily debris, non regulated oily materials
  • Grease/solvent - fuel blending
  • Oily sludge fuel blending
  • Dissolution of solid materials (including pharmaceuticals), preparation for disposal to incineration for specific chemicals
  • Bulking and preparation for incineration of selected solid organic chemicals
  • Aerosol processing

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