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Municipalities are continually being challenged by their constituents and other levels of government to improve their environmental sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint. This is the same for commercial entities on the part of their customers in ensuring that their green initiatives are being met well past the point of refuse from their facilities.  This is proving to be even more challenging due to tightening budgets during the current economic slowdown. This calls for innovative, integrated solutions that cross organizational barriers.

Landfill capacity is limited, and permitting processes to establish new local landfills is extensive and costly.  There is also increasing public pressures to decrease the presence of landfills near built up areas, thereby increasing pressures to find alternate disposal methods.

To this end, Miller is a strong leader in the processing and waste diversion effort in order to minimize wastes headed to landfill.  Through our Compost and Material Recovery Facilities we are able to help municipalities and commercial customers divert as much as 80% from landfill.

Miller currently owns and operates four compost sites nationwide consisting of both outdoor windrow technology as well as in-door Ebara technologies.  Collectively Miller processes collectively 130,000 tonnes of Source Separated Organics (SSO) and Leaf and Yard Waste annually.  Organic waste (pre & post consumer food waste) represents an estimated 30% of solid waste being sent to landfill in North America. As a result, efforts to divert the organic fraction of solid waste from landfills are increasing across Canada.

Miller recognizes the importance of resource preservation and to this end concentrates on material recovery.  The recovery of used materials is paramount to decreasing waste of potentially reusable valuable materials.  Miller currently owns three material recovery facilities; as well as operates two others under municipal contract.  Miller currently processes over 105,000 tonnes of recyclable material annually.  The materials that are recovered are then marketed to local markets for reuse.

Material Recycling also includes Specialty Recycling in the form of electronic waste.  In April of 2008, Miller and Global Electric Electronic Processing Inc. (GEEP) began a partnership in the recycling of electronic waste.  Miller has various drop off locations where electronic waste can be brought for proper recycling.  These locations are co-located with most of our Material Recovery Facilities and Transfer Stations.


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