Miller owns and operates quarries and gravel pits across Ontario and the Maritimes that supply high specification aggregates both directly to the construction industry and to our own asphalt and ready-mix concrete plants. In turn, those plants supply hot mix asphalt and ready-mixed concrete to industry professionals.

The Miller Group has distinguished itself as a vertically integrated supplier of high quality construction materials. From Portland cement powder supplied by Miller Cement to asphalt emulsions and engineered liquid asphalt cements supplied by our sister company, McAsphalt Industries; Miller has supplied the “ingredients” for countless construction projects across North America.

The Miller Group utilizes our materials in the manufacturing of Redi-Rock® precast concrete retaining walls. Incorporating our high quality materials into this product provides us with the confidence that the finished product meets the utmost standards of excellence. This is representative of all the Construction Materials produced and supplied by The Miller Group.