Direct Liquid Application (DLA) – DLA of Caliber M1000 is a proactive treatment ahead of a snow storm and is used in colder weather where salt brine may be ineffective. Direct Liquid Applications prevent snow and ice from bonding to the pavement, making plowing operations more effective.

Sand/Salt/Liquid Additive Mixing – Miller operates a combination mixer stacker unit that

can mix materials to precise specifications, allowing flexibility in granular mix ratios and liquid additives to have consistent material to meet your level of service. Variable ratios of de-icing and granular provide traction and ice control on snow packed roads were melting action is not desired.

Pre-Treated Salt – Miller offers a variety of liquid enhancements to winter maintenance materials. Caliber M2000 can be blended with rock salt to improve material retention on the road and its effectiveness at cold temperatures. Pre-treating or pre-wetting salt acts as a catalyst to get the salt working faster in all conditions creating safer roads sooner.

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