• Burlington Rental Complex


    Redi-Rock® was chosen to replace a failing wood retaining wall. Redi-Rock was installed in two days and improved aesthetics for the complex. Contractor: Canmar Contracting

  • Petro-Canada/Suncor Toronto Gas Station


    Originally a cast-in place/poured in place concrete wall was planned for this site. The design of this wall would have required a further excavation of 4 feet. This would have potentially exposed the footings/foundations of the heritage site next door, the Keg Mansion. Redi-Rock® was proposed. Redi-Rock was able to be built as a gravity…

  • Smithville Townhouse Residential Development

    Phelps Homes

    Redi-Rock® was chosen as a gravity wall system to maximize the backyards at a residential townhouse development in Smithville, Ontario. Redi-Rock blocks were installed with a 2 person crew utilizing a bobcat and mid-size excavator. Geogrid was not required for this site which saved in money, time, excavation, and backfill. Installers: Trenchline & Roads/Mike’s Landscaping

  • Endras Auto Group

    Endras Auto Group

    Redi-Rock® was chosen for the grade changes and horseshoe display walls for the Endras Group.  The Miller Group engineered, supplied and delivered Redi-Rock at the following auto dealership sites: BMW/Mini, Infiniti, Lexus, Volvo, Landrover and Jaguar.

  • Bathurst Street at Morningside Road

    York Region

    A geogrid wall would have encroached on the tree’s root zone on a private property. Redi-Rock® was designed and built as a gravity wall and did not require geogrid. This wall was constructed in three days. Installer: KJ Beamish

  • Merritt Park – Amphitheatre Construction

    Welland Recreational Canal Corporation

    In April of 2009, Miller began construction of the Merrit Park amphitheatre in Welland, Ontario. The 750 seat, Natural amphitheatre was cut into the east bank of the Welland Recreational Waterway, serving as a permanent seating facility for local musical and theatrical events…