• vivaNext Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Projects

    Kiewit Ellis Don Partnership

    Miller constructed the vivaNext BRT projects located in Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill & Vaughan which required moving the exiting four or six lanes of traffic to the outside and constructing the two bus lanes in the centre with associated stations. Highway 7 Rapidway: Adding two dedicated bus lanes to the current six lanes on Highway…

  • Autoroute 25 Bridge and Highway

    Transports Québec, Concession A25

    The Autoroute 25 Bridge and Highway Completion Project (A-25 Bridge and Highway) was the first public private partnership (PPP) in Québec’s transportation market. The project included the finance, design, construction and maintenance of a new six‐lane 1.2km‐long bridge across the Rivière‐des‐Prairies and 7.2kms of approach roads. The river crossing is a combined cable‐stayed bridge and…

  • Golden Ears Bridge


    Miller provides operations and maintenance services under a 32 year contract to Golden Crossing General Partnership for the Golden Ears Bridge and approach roads in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia. The bridge spans the Fraser River, connecting Langley on the south side with Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge on the north side. The All Electronic Toll…

  • Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement DBFOM

    British Columbia Ministry of Transportation

    The Sea-to-Sky Highway Improvement (S2S) project improved safety and capacity along the highway, prior to the 2010 Winter Olympics is Whistler, British Columbia.  This project includes a 25-year OMR term over 95km of 4-lane divided highway, on mountainous terrain that experiences severe winter weather and over 415 cm of snow annually. Miller subsidiary Miller Capilano…

  • US 181 Harbor Bridge Replacement

    Texas Department of Transportation

    The US 181 Harbor Bridge Replacement consists of replacing the existing Harbor Bridge and reconstructing portions of the US 181, I-37 and the Crosstown Expressway. The bridge will contain six lanes of the US 181 with a bicycle and pedestrian shared path. Overall, the project will consist of 6.44 miles of bridge and roadway development, construction and maintenance.

  • South Mountain Loop 202 Highway

    Arizona Department of Transportation

    The South Mountain Loop 202 Highway project consists of adding 22 miles of four lane highway, 40 bridges and 1 pedestrian bridge.  The freeway will connect the east and west valley.   The project also includes 4.5 miles of widening to existing the existing highways.  There will be 13 interchanges and 5 multi-use underpass crossings.

  • Route 1 Gateway Project

    New Brunswick Department of Transportation

    The Route 1 Gateway Project consists of 240 kilometres of new 4 lane highway with interchanges, structures and road side assets.  The project is located between the Canada/United States border in St. Stephen.  

  • Champlain Bridge Replacement


    The Champlain Bridge Replacement project includes a new bridge across the St. Lawrence River, a smaller bridge for Île-des-Soeurs (Nun’s Island) and reconstruction and widening of AutoRoute 15.

  • Fredericton to Moncton Highway Project

    New Brunswick Department of Transportation

    New Brunswick’s first Public Private Partnership Highway Project. An early P3 project with a 30-year concession term, this 195 km, four-lane divided, controlled-access highway includes 21 interchanges, four of which were freeway-to-freeway, and 89 structures. Two of the 89 structures are high-level river crossings spanning the Saint John and Jemseg Rivers. A 5 km section…

  • Viva Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Highway 7

    Infrastructure Ontario - York Region

    The Highway 7 rapidway extends from Highway 50, Vaughan to Reesor Road, Markham.  The rapidway will connect the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre to the Richmond Hill/Langstaff Urban Growth Centre to the Markham Centre. The Viva Bus Rapid Transit project will allow rapid transit buses to move out of congested traffic.  This will enable those who ride the…

  • Viva Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Yonge St.

    The Regional Municipality of York

    The Yonge Street rapidway will extend north on Yonge Street from the Richmond Hill/Langstaff Urban Growth Centre, Highway 7, to Green Lane, Newmarket. The Viva Bus Rapid Transit project will allow rapid transit buses to move out of congested traffic.  This will enable those who ride the bus the ability to get around York Region’s…

  • Highway 407 East Expansion Phase 1

    Infrastructure Ontario - MTO

    The Extension of Highway 407 ETR from the Brock Road Interchange Eastern Limit in Pickering to the Harmony Road Interchange Eastern Limit in Whitby/Oshawa (approx. 20.3 km), including the West Durham Link (WDL), east of Lake Ridge Road, serving as a north-south freeway connector to Highway 401 (approx.10 km), and a realignment of Highway 401…

  • 407 East Extension Phase 2

    Infrastructure Ontario - MTO

    The 407 East Extension Phase 2 Project is a major infrastructure undertaking that will extend Highway 407 eastward from Harmony Road, Oshawa to Highway 35/115 near Clarington, Southern Ontario.  The extension will be a 22 kilometer, four lane roadway. Phase 2A: East-west section from Harmony Road to Taunton Road/Highway 418. Phase 2B: East-west section from Highway…

  • Highway 427 Expansion

    Infrastructure Ontario - MTO

    Extending Highway 427 is a key priority in addressing the efficient movement of people and goods within the context of the province’s Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe…

  • Full Depth Reclamation & Resurfacing Programs

    Macon Co. Chambers Co. Bullock Co. Wilcox Co.

    In working with the Southeast Cement Association many Alabama Counties have performed full depth reclamation projects and have determined the process to costs less than conventional reconstruction methods by utilizing the existing in-place materials…

  • Annual Full Depth Reclamation

    Monroe County, Coweta County

    Each of these Georgia Counties has developed a budget to perform a full depth reclamation project as required and have found the process to minimize the impact on the environment by reducing the amount of materials brought to and from the site thereby conserving fuel and other precious resources…

  • Palm Bay Florida Full Depth Reclamation & Resurfacing

    City of Palm Bay Public Works

    City Council approved in 2006 a City wide road full depth reclamation and resurfacing program. The Miller Group was awarded a contract to reclaim the roads selected. The scope of services include field material sampling and evaluation, development of a mix design, full depth reclamation and …

  • Full Depth Reclamation & Resurfacing Project with Emulsion

    City of Fairburn Public Works

    Project consisted of the mix design, reconstruction and widening of an existing 22’ road section with sever fatigue cracking and potholes. 2 feet each side was trenched out with a 2’ milling machine and the road was pulverized to a depth of 10.5 inches to achieve a reclaimed road base of 26 feet wide…

  • Treat and Reconstruct Community Airport Taxiways and Roadways

    Spruce Creek Home Owners Association

    The Spruce Creek HOA developed a project that addressed the pavement sections in the community. This is a high income private gated flying community with access to their homes by way of airplane taxiways and vehicle roadways. The reconstruction of the pavement areas was accomplished with …

  • Stabilization and Reconstruction with Cement

    This project was a parking area with loading docks of a large meat processing company. The work consisted of meeting with the General Building Contractor and Owner to compare the structural values in using conventional removal and replacement with full depth reclamation and resurfacing…