The Autoroute 25 Bridge and Highway Completion Project (A-25 Bridge and Highway) was the first public private partnership (PPP) in Québec’s transportation market. The project included the finance, design, construction and maintenance of a new six‐lane 1.2km‐long bridge across the Rivière‐des‐Prairies and 7.2kms of approach roads. The river crossing is a combined cable‐stayed bridge and steel‐girder bridge. The project extends from Henri-Bourassa Boulevard in Montréal to Autoroute 440 (A-440) in Laval, two urban interchanges (A-25/A-440 and Henri-Bourassa), 10 overpasses with connections to existing roads and a bus lane. The project connected several major road arteries through service roads, namely the Henri-Bourassa, Maurice Duplessis, and Perras boulevards in Montréal, as well as the Lévesque Boulevard and Roger-Lortie Avenue in Laval.

Miller subsidiary Entretien Miller Ltée (Miller) is providing Operations, Maintenance & Rehabilitation (OM&R) services through a contract to Concession A25 the Concessionaire. The OM&R contract continues for the 35‐year concession period, from September 2007 to 2042. Miller provides routine summer and winter maintenance for this toll road facility, provides incident and emergency response along the corridor, and is responsible for asset management and long term rehabilitation of the highway and bridges including signage, electrical and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

  • Location:Montréal, Québec
  • Client Name:Transports Québec, Concession A25
  • Completion Date:01/09/2042
  • Project Involvement:Operations, Maintenance and Rehabilitation (OM&R) Service Provider.
  • Contract Model:design-build-finance-operate-maintain
  • Project Status:Awarded. Construction Completed and Operating Period Active

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