New Brunswick’s first Public Private Partnership Highway Project. An early P3 project with a 30-year concession term, this 195 km, four-lane divided, controlled-access highway includes 21 interchanges, four of which were freeway-to-freeway, and 89 structures. Two of the 89 structures are high-level river crossings spanning the Saint John and Jemseg Rivers. A 5 km section of the project passes though the environmentally sensitive Grand Lakes Meadows. The project began its OMR phase in April 1998, with sequential sections until construction was completed in October 2001.

Currently two-thirds through the concession term and in line with original projections, inspections and testing have identified final resurfacing requirements over the coming 10 years to meet expiry date obligations. Previously, minor repairs and localized holding strategies have dealt with minor settlements, roughness, and surface deterioration. A successful crack-sealing program was also implemented.



  • Location:TransCanada Highway, Fredericton to Moncton, New Brunswick
  • Client Name:New Brunswick Department of Transportation
  • Completion Date:15/04/2028
  • Cost:$639 million
  • Project Involvement:The Fredericton-Moncton Highway Project's Team includes:
    • Developer: The Miller Group, Dragados Canada, FCC Construction and Vinci Concessions Canada
    • Construction: The Miller Group, Dragados Canada, FCC Construction and Vinci Concessions Canada
    • Maintenance: The Miller Group, ACS, FCC Construction and Vinci Concessions Canada
  • Contract Model:design-build-finance-operate-maintain
  • Project Status:Awarded. Construction Completed and Operating Period Active

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