Miller subsidiary Miller Capilano Maintenance Corporation (Miller) serves as the Lead Operations and Maintenance Firm with responsibility for the 25-year concession period. Miller had an active role during the design and construction phase, providing expertise regarding the impacts which design decisions and construction quality may have on maintenance costs, long-term life cycle, and overall performance of the highway. Miller was operational from the start of the project, including the construction phase, maintaining each highway section as it was completed.

Miller provides routine maintenance and operations of the facility and is responsible for rehabilitating all aspects of the highway including pavement, structures, signage and electrical. The project featured 48 new bridges and interchanges, over three million CY of rock excavation, two million CY of blasting, 500,000 tons of new asphalt pavement, 160,000 SF of MSE retaining walls and 50,000 feet of storm drains.

  • Location:Vacouver to Whistler, British Columbia
  • Client Name:British Columbia Ministry of Transportation
  • Completion Date:01/09/2034
  • Project Involvement:Operations, Maintenance and Rehabilitation Service Provider. Miller Capilano Maintenance Corporation is providing maintenance for the duration of the concession, a 25 year OMR term, from June 2005 to September 2034.
  • Contract Model:design-build-finance-operate-maintain
  • Project Status:Awarded. Construction Completed and Operating Period Active

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