In 1998, Miller, as a partner in Maritime Road Development Corporation,  was the successful bidder for the  Fredericton Moncton Highway Project in New Brunswick. This success was followed up with the award of the Sea to Sky Highway Improvement Project in British Columbia in  2005,  the A25  Project in Quebec in 2007 and the Golden Ears project in British Columbia in 2009. More recently, in March 2017, Miller as equal partner in the Link 427 team was awarded the $616 million HWY 427 Extension Project in Ontario, Canada.

In addition to the extensive resources in materials and construction services that Miller brings to the table, Miller has become a leader in providing full highway maintenance services for the extended maintenance terms of P3 Projects.  Coupled with its extensive experience in MTO Area Maintenance contracts, Miller has the most to offer to projects for both short term requirements as well as long term maintenance and rehabilitation services.

Miller’s continuing success with P3 projects and its “Team First approach” has given it credibility with  equity partners, lenders, insurance and bonding institutions making Miller a very attractive partner.