For over 40 years Miller Paving Limited has been a leader in developing and applying pavement preservation technologies. We continue to offer many cold technologies to extend the life of pavements, including Slurry Seal, Micro-Surfacing, Seal Coats, Geotextile Paving Fabric Reinforced Seal Coats, Fog Seal, Tack Coat, Granular Sealing, and Dust Suppressants. The use of a specific treatment depends on the distress level, traffic, environment, and intended function of the roadway.

Cold pavement preservation processes are capable of extending the asset-life by sealing the pavement and preventing water from penetrating into the pavement layers. Mitigation of water penetration will allow the granular material in the road base to maintain its’ strength and provide the support and stability to withstand designed traffic loads. These processes also offer a significant advantage compared to hot preservation technologies. These processes are performed without the application of heat thus reducing fuel consumption costs.

A reduction in fuel consumption allows these processes to be applied in an environmentally friendly manner.

Application of these processes also decreases the amount of subsequent work required during construction, such as pre-milling in an urban environment and granular shoulder-raises in a rural application.



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