The quality of the existing materials will dictate the strength of the resultant pulverized material which in some cases, may not be sufficient to support traffic loads and volumes. If the existing road materials will not provide adequate strength after FDR, virgin aggregate, recycled aggregate, reclaimed asphalt pavement, or crushed concrete may be added.

The FDR process removes the existing asphalt pavement cracks and deterioration since the entire asphalt layer is pulverized to produce an improved, homogeneous granular material on which a new pavement structure can be placed immediately upon completion. Pavements composed of distorted subgrades are only candidates for FDR when additional work is undertaken to correct drainage and subgrade deficiencies.

Reclaiming machines are very mobile and maneuverable to process a wide range of road geometries including urban environments. FDR provides asset owners with a cost effective means of rehabilitating roads due to its versatility, energy savings and reduced natural resource requirement.

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