Highway maintenance encompasses a wide variety of activities related to highways and adjacent right-of-ways. Typical activities performed by Miller Maintenance include the following:

  • Highway surface repairs 
  • Structure washing
  • Roadway sweeping
  • Guiderail repair
  • Fencing repair
  • Granular shoulder, and roadway grading
  • Debris, litter, and graffiti control

Additional activities include drainage system inspection, maintenance and repair. These may include such items as:

  • Ditch cleanout

  • Culvert inspection and cleaning

  • Curb and gutter maintenance and repair

  • Catch basin and ditch inlet cleanout

  • Subdrain inspection and cleanout

Miller Maintenance also performs general drainage inspection and maintenance to ensure that water is flowing through and across the right-of-way safely and as intended by the drainage design.


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