The Miller Group is at the forefront of the growing demand for concrete pavements. With modern equipment and in-house materials, we are prepared for all types of concrete pavement applications.

Concrete paving is an economical method of producing concrete base and driving surfaces where extremely high loads are anticipated. This product is popular for freeways, airports, and large shipping yards, as well as any other application where a very large slab is required.

Miller Paving Limited’s mobile concrete plant can be employed in conjunction with our fleet of pavers for high production work where high volumes of concrete are not otherwise available. Mobile plants allow for conventional tri-axle trucks to be used for delivery where proximity would normally be a challenge.

Our versatile pavers can handle pass widths up to 32 feet with a variety of finishes. Rebar and load transfer devices can be incorporated into the slab as required to produce structures which can withstand decades of use.

VIVA 5206 Newmarket viva blue e1494246383858

York Viva Bus Rapid Transit – Yonge St

The Yonge Street rapidway will extend north on Yonge Street from the Richmond Hill/Langstaff Urban Growth Centre, Highway 7, to Green Lane, Newmarket.

York Region, Ontario  ◆  Municipal
West Beaver Creek Vivastation A01 e1494246133731

Viva Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) - Highway 7

The Highway 7 rapidway extends from Highway 50, Vaughan to Reesor Road, Markham. The rapidway will connect the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre to the Richmond Hill/Langstaff Urban Growth Centre to the Markham Centre.

York Region, Ontario  ◆  Public Transportation


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