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Gardiner Expressway Resurfacing


The Gardiner Expressway is a key entry point to Toronto’s downtown core and throughfare for people and goods travelling east-to-west along the waterfront.

Each year, the City of Toronto shuts down the Gardiner Expressway for a weekend to perform selective resurfacing and maintenance. Brennan Paving & Construction Ltd (GTA Paving), a subsidiary of the Miller Group, was the successful bidder in 2021.

Miller, with its extensive in-house expertise, was able to draw resources from across its divisions – GTA Paving, PPG, and Brennan Port Colborne – which worked collaboratively to complete the project.

Given high traffic volumes and the importance of this corridor, it was imperative that the work was completed between Friday night and 5 a.m. Monday morning to limit the impact on the commuting public. Miller successfully completed the project by 11:00 PM Sunday and the highway was ready to reopen by midnight, ahead of schedule. 



The City of Toronto




Pavement Resurfacing

Year Completed



$2 million
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Project highlights

  • Crews mobilized at 1 a.m. Saturday and approximately 100 workers were on-site throughout the weekend.
  • With the Don Valley Parkway ramp closed to the Gardiner Expressway, detailed planning was required to find efficient trucking routes. The traffic congestion along the project caused by the shutdown added to the complexity of efficient haul routes to the job site.
  • Managing the sheer amount of trucking required was a significant responsibility on its own and was key to the project’s success – 10 floats, 15 live bottoms, and 171 triaxles were required over the course of the weekend.
  • Adding to the complexity, in addition to our own work, other contractors as well as City of Toronto staff were performing other maintenance work near our work zone within the corridor, at the same time.
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Project features:

  • Mill 150mm depth – 12000 m²
  • Mill 50mm Depth – 47000 m²
  • Pave SP19 PG64-28XJ – 3400mt
  • Pave 12.5 FC2 PG64-28XJ – 8400mt
  • Re/​Re Concrete Road Base 400mm with Rebar – 400 m² Overlay with 50mm SP12.5
  • Remove and reinstall Q‑Guard Crash System
  • Re/​Re Existing Guard Rail – 100 LM
  • Rout & Seal Eastbound Gardiner Expressway – 6000 LM
  • Line Painting
  • Electrical Loops – 38 each
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