We have remained a key player in offering modern recycling technologies such as Cold In-Place Recycling (CIR), Cold In-Place Recycling with Expanded Asphalt Material (CIREAM), Full Depth Reclamation (FDR), and Full Depth Reclamation with Base Stabilization to public and private sectors.

Lavis in place recycling

In an era where asset-owners determine pavement rehabilitation techniques based on cost, performance, and environmental sustainability, in-situ recycling processes offer the best alternative to optimize these benefits. With strict attention paid to pre-engineering, mix design formulation, construction, and quality control, pavements constructed using these techniques offer owners the ability to decrease life-cycle costs while decreasing the environmental impact.

Many projects performed within the first ten years of in-place recycling existence in Canada are still in service today proving that these technologies perform as expected. Due to the success of in-place recycling, these methods have been adopted in rural, urban, and highway applications with various traffic volumes. The structural design methods used in Ontario have now been modified to account for the significant strength gain achieved when implementing recycling processes. As the industry gains more experience, these numbers will be updated to reflect current knowledge of the strength behaviour of these mixes.

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