The Miller Group’s Aggregates Division Submits Application for Paris-Area Sand and Gravel Pit

Miller Aggregates submitted its applications to develop a sand and gravel pit northeast of Paris, Ontario.

PARIS, ON, March. 11, 2024 – Miller Aggregates, a division of The Miller Group announced today it has submitted its applications to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and the County of Brant to seek approvals to develop a sand and gravel pit northeast of Paris, Ontario. 

This sand and gravel pit will help Paris and nearby communities meet their projected growth needs for homes, roads, and schools. Our application is well researched and technically strong to ensure our neighbours and the surrounding natural environment are well protected. The extensive measures proposed on the site plans will help Miller deliver on its commitment to be good neighbours, good land stewards and be held accountable,” said Ken Zimmerman, Director, Land Assets, The Miller Group.

The proposed Paris Plains Pit, located north of Paris Plains Church Rd. and west of Pinehurst Rd will have an extraction area of approximately 105 ha, with extraction 1.5 meters above the water table. The proposed site will provide up to a maximum of one million tonnes per year of aggregates and will be progressively rehabilitated back to agricultural uses with ~ 8 ha of ecological enhancements. 

The application includes nine independent studies assessing the pit’s potential impact on various environmental aspects. All nine studies independently conclude that the proposed pit meets provincial standards and poses no adverse environmental impact. The site plans have been carefully designed to help guide the daily operation and the progressive rehabilitation of the pit.

Study results include the following: 

Air Quality – Based on the modeling results and with the mitigation measures outlined on the site plans, the proposed pit is not expected to pose an adverse impact on air quality and will meet or be better than provincial standards.

Cultural Heritage – Three culturally significant sites are located to the south of the proposed pit. These include the Maus School, the Paris Plains Church and Paris Plains Cemetery. These sites have been well studied as part of the technical review process. Miller has worked closely with the local landowners and the Paris Plains Cemetery Association and is proposing several measures including buffer lands that will protect and preserve the structural and cultural integrity of the sites during the operation of the pit. 

Archaeology field studies were completed in collaboration with the First Nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, Haudenosaunee Confederacy and Six Nations of the Grand River. 

Hydrogeology – The study concludes that because the site is extracting aggregate from above the water table and with the measures outlined on the site plans, the proposed activities will not impact the municipal well field. Additionally, there is no measurable risk to existing private water supply wells, surface water features or to local natural heritage features. Monitoring will be in place to further ensure that there are no impacts.

Noise – The study concludes that the berms and other mitigation measures that are outlined on the site plans will ensure noise from the proposed pit will remain at or below Ontario noise guidelines.

Traffic – A study was completed to assess the potential impact of the trucks on the existing road network. The study concludes that traffic generated by the proposed gravel pit could be safely accommodated on the adjacent road network which is already designated as a County of Brant truck route. The proposal includes the addition of a southbound turn lane on Pinehurst Rd. that will be constructed prior to the opening of the pit. In fact, Miller purchased an additional property that fronts onto Pinehurst Rd. to ensure that the trucks can access the designated truck route directly from the site. As a result, there will be no aggregate truck traffic on Paris Plains Church Road associated with the pit application.

Natural Environment and Rehabilitation — Although the site is primarily agricultural land, a detailed review of the on site and adjacent natural features was undertaken. The small wetland in the south-east corner of the property will remain outside of the extraction footprint. The site plans include buffers to further protect this wetland and 8 ha of extensive ecological enhancements around this feature as part of the rehabilitation plan for the site.

The final rehabilitation plan for the site proposes a return to agricultural use and includes very specific measures, practices and monitoring requirements outlined on the site plans. 

With the application submitted, the official application process under the Provincial Aggregate Resources Act has commenced. The multi-year process will involve public consultation and a peer review process to address any technical feedback. Simultaneously, a similar application process in the County of Brant will take place to approve amendments to the zoning bylaw, involving public input and expert review before a council vote.

Copies of all the studies are available on https://​www​.mil​ler​group​.ca/lan….

The Miller Group is a Colas company in Canada, a Canadian leader in the construction and maintenance of transportation infrastructure. For over a century, The Miller Group has built and supported urban and rural infrastructure across Canada, and supplied the highest quality construction materials that stand up to the demands of today’s communities and are foundational to future growth. Additional information can be found on The Miller Group’s website.

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