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Health, Safety and Environment

The Miller Group places the safety and well-being of our people above all else. It is evident in all we do. Our success is directly tied to our people — their professional development and personal growth. We build confidence and empower them to own their success.

The Miller Group’s longstanding commitment to a safe working environment is founded on a shared responsibility, regardless of an employee’s position or scope of work.

Our Health, Safety and Environment Department (HSE) is comprised of a team of individuals dedicated to ensuring that all employees and subcontractors can work confidently and safely. They address any health and safety issues that may arise swiftly and responsibly, and work to solve problems and make improvements on an on-going basis. While our HSE professionals lead the charge, it is a collective responsibility, and all Miller employees are equally focused on maintaining a healthy and safe work environment. 

Our culture of safety and wellness is what sets us apart and is driven by employees at all levels as we continue our journey of Living Goal Zero — Zero Significant Injuries or Fatalities.

This cultural journey of Zero Significant Injuries or Fatalities, (SIFs), is centred on strategically shifting our safety culture at all levels of the organization. This concept doesn’t replace the great work we are doing in the name of safety, rather, we aim to have all employees focused on SIFs prevention.

Hse logos

The purpose of Living Goal Zero, was establishing these lifesaving icons to help protect all employees from serious injury. They are a clear and definitive reminder to always keep higher risk tasks top of mind. They apply to many of the activities we do every day and are simple to follow. Abiding by these icons and behaviours will prevent the types of incidents that cause most of the serious injuries in the field of construction. 

The Miller Group has devoted significant energy, resources, and time to making improvements to the corporate health and safety management system, which was developed using the principles of the national Certificate of Recognition (CORTM) program. By adhering to key safety guidelines as prescribed by the various provincial associations, as well as incorporating other best management practices in health and safety, The Miller Group is able to achieve and sustain an enhanced standard of safety. Building on a proud history of successful civil, construction and highway maintenance projects, The Miller Group continues to contribute to this legacy by fully integrating safety and wellness planning into our project scheduling. The result is an exceptional level of safety on our job sites. 

Miller maintains COR certificates in Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations

Ontario – Infrastructure Health and Safety Association

Manitoba – Construction Safety Association of Manitoba

Nova Scotia – Construction Safety of Nova Scotia

New Brunswick Construction Safety Association

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Our Commitment

The Miller Group’s overarching commitment is to offer our customers and users solutions that meet the challenges of sustainable development in our local communities. As an industry leader we are focused on Corporate Social Responsibility and the protection of the environment.

We plan our operations with preservation and pollution prevention in mind, seeking opportunities to minimize our impact on our natural surroundings. We are committed to the continual improvement of our environmental management systems – including environmental monitoring, policies, procedures, and practices. We consistently go above and beyond legislated standards and regulations to ensure that our sub-contractors adhere to environmental legislative requirements, as well as The Miller Group’s Environmental Policy. The communities we serve are our family, so it is vitally important that we remain focused on protecting the environment through conservation and sustainable practices.

Implement and Standardize our company-wide environmental management framework (Plan, Do, Check, Act).

Assess environmental risk and implement risk mitigation strategies for the protection of the natural environment.

Uphold the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment made under the Colas ACT initiative.

Maintain environmental due diligence and regulatory compliance across all operations.

Report all spills according to the Environmental Protection Act and ensure an adequate response.

Recycle products that will reduce waste within our operations.

Our Actions

The Miller Group encourages the participation and involvement of all employees and subcontractors to ensure environmental management practices are incorporated into our operations.

We implement best industry practices for environmental management and participate in raising awareness and educating employees in the protection and preservation of the environment. In the spirit of prevention, we are partners with the communities we service and with the stakeholders in our industry.

Csr act

Miller E‑Team

The Miller Group holds an exceptional record of accomplishment for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as we operate in a manner that meets or exceeds many ethical, legal, commercial, and public expectations.

An area on which we will be placing greater emphasis is sustainability and lowering our carbon footprint. Enhancing Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER) is a standard goal. In order to drive our CER culture and help execute our newly created Environmental Management Framework (EMF), we have established the Environmental Team or the E‑Team. It is comprised of volunteers across all business units with a common goal of promoting green-based initiatives across our network and helping to promote a culture of greater environmental awareness and stewardship. The E‑Team is working toward increased efficiency, lowering our carbon footprint, and growing The Miller Group’s reputation as an environmentally responsible organization.

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