Material Transport2

Material Transportation

The Miller Group is a leader in liquid transportation, operating a modern fleet capable of hauling bulk liquid chlorides (Magnesium, Sodium, and Calcium), Water, Liquid Asphalt Cements, Emulsions, and Roofing Tars. We offer a variety of trailer sizes to meet your load requirements from 2,000 kilograms to 42,000 kilograms.

Our drivers are thoroughly trained and our insulated equipment is fully compatible with all of the latest technology in asphalt recycling equipment.

The Miller Group is licensed to transport your products across Ontario, Quebec and the United States. Our skilled and experienced personnel have all been extensively trained in the latest equipment and safety procedures.

We also offer a selection of dust suppressant products for gravel roads and parking areas. These products are environmentally approved and create a safer driving surface for the traveling public by improving visibility, stabilizing the aggregate surface, and reducing potholes. They also reduce the quantity of gravel loss and maintenance costs for municipalities and industry.