The Miller Group is a leading supplier of construction materials for the production of asphalt and concrete, and for use in a variety of construction and rehabilitation projects.

For over 30 years The Miller Group has been producing aggregates for the construction industry. We operate over 40 pits and quarries across Ontario and New Brunswick.

On site, type C” certified testing laboratories ensure compliance to all pertinent specifications for aggregate supply. As an MTO approved source for our concrete coarse aggregate and MTO compliant for our hot mix asphalt aggregates you can be assured that our products meet strict quality standards.

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Our Aggregate Product Lineup


Stone – Clear / Drain / Tile / Pea

Depending on the size and physical properties of the source Miller’s Stone can be used for a variety of functions. Common uses for our Stone include: asphalt, concrete & precast production; drainage layers; and erosion control.


Granulars / Crusher Run / Gravel

Miller produces a range of granular/​road base material that meet the municipal and/​or provincial standards. Miller produces granulars from limestone, granite, sand & gravel and recycled aggregates sources. Miller also produces a number of produces that meet the requirements of non-government related projects.



Miller produces a number of washed & screened sands that are used for: fill sites, as blend material, and for asphalt & concrete production.

River rock

River Rock

River Rock is produced at a number of our sand & gravel sources. The colour of the river rock varies by region, with the most decorative river rock coming from our Jamieson Pit near Renfrew.


Screenings / Stone Dust

Screenings/​Stone Dust is typically used in landscaping applications as the bedding under the paving stone/​interlock. Screenings/​Stone Dust has also been used in asphalt mix designs and some precast plants.

Bedding chip

Bedding Chip

This product is typically 6.35mm or smaller chip. The self compacting benefits of the product allow for it to be as an alternative to clear stone for pipe bedding and as an alternative for stone dust/​screenings for under paving stones/​interlock or as pipe backfill.

Rip rap

Gabion / Rip Rap

Miller produces a various sized gabion & rip rap products (100 mm up to 500mm) at our quarries. Gabion & Rip Rap is typically used for erosion control, rock production and river/​stream situations.


Rail Ballast

Miller supplies Rail Ballast to Class 1 railroads & LRT projects in Southern Ontario.


Speciality Products

Over the year’s Miller have been involved in a number speciality products including: thermal bedding, yard surface stone, fire quenching stone, peat/​sand blends, sports field mixes, electrical resistive aggregates to name a few. 

Source Types



Miller operates a number of limestone quarries that produce clear stones for ready mix concrete, precast & asphalt plants; drainage stone; manufactured sand; crusher runs/​granular; bedding chip; angular armour stone.

Sand gravel

Sand & Gravel / Pit Products

Miller has numerous sand & gravel pits that produce a variety of sands, stone, peastone, and chip. The sand & gravel pit based products can be used for granulars / road based but are also commonly screened/​washed to produce septic / filter sands, peastone, blend sands and asphalt & concrete aggregates.


Granite / Gneiss

From our Granite sources Miller produces a variety of sized granulars/​road base, clear stones, chip, and screenings. Many of these sources are approved as friction coarse aggregates that are use in provincial roads. Miller has also supplied Granite Rail Ballast to LRT projects.



Using highly specialized crushing & air separator machinery, Miller manufactures a range of fine graded products. Due to the unique chemical composition (high magnesium and high pH) of the Amabel formation feed material and Miller’s sizing process results in this being a high demand product. Miller’s dolomite material is used in: flat glass manufacturing, Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) mixes, kitty litter manufacturing, fertilizer manufacturing and agricultural soil conditioning.

Trap rock

Trap Rock / Gabbro

Miller, through our joint venture MRT Aggregate, is an approved supplier of Class 1/​Mainline ballast for Metrolinx (GO), Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), Canadian National Railroad (CN) and AREMA. Miller stockpiles GO & CN ballast in the GTA to provide high quality of service to our customers. This source is also an approved supplier of friction coarse aggregate for Ministry of Transportation Ontario projects.


Recycled Aggregate

Miller is a strong proponent of promoting the use of recycled aggregate as a viable alternative to using virgin aggregates. Recycled Aggregates typically comprise of broken concrete rubble or broken asphalt. Recycled Concrete is typically used as a granular / road base aggregate. Recycled Asphalt is typically used as in hot mix asphalt production but as a stand alone aggregate is typically used in farm laneways & exposed industrial yards.


For over a century, Miller has offered customers exceptional services delivered using the highest quality products.

We proudly stand behind our construction materials knowing that what we build stands up to the demands of today’s communities, and are foundational to future growth.

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