Road patrolling is the routine inspection of the roadway and adjacent right-of-way to detect defects that may adversely affect the structure of the road, adjacent property, the environment or public safety.

Observations made and documented during road patrol support the proper management and scheduling of work to ensure maintenance activities are conducted in a timely and cost efficient manner. In general, road patrol and the follow-up maintenance activities enhance safety, and help to extend the life and investment of public and private infrastructure.

During the winter season, road patrolling is enhanced to ensure that staff are fully knowledgeable of deteriorating weather and road conditions. Information from infrared thermometers, Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS), local weather reports along with general observations are just some of the tools used to determine the appropriate snow and ice control strategy and support the appropriate call out of winter snow fighting equipment.

Documentation is a vital component of road patrol as it creates a permanent record of observations made relating to deficiencies in the infrastructure, incidents attended to, weather conditions and general maintenance activities performed on the roadway. Such records can prove invaluable should future litigation require accurate knowledge of past events.


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