Our goal is to ensure that every client has access to the lowest cost and highest quality materials available on the market. Our commitment to our customers is to deliver safe materials and construction on time and within your budget while utilizing the latest innovative and technologically advanced techniques available in our industry.

As an environmentally friendly organization many of our locations will also receive reclaimed asphalt, concrete, and granular materials for disposal and recycling at their local yards.

For professional advice, pricing, and availability of Miller asphalt products and recycling please contact an asphalt sales representative at the Miller office nearest you or your project.

Environmental Achievements

Miller Paving Limited, through its research labs and operating companies are committed to turn all our highways “green”.

Protecting the environment is a critical consideration in the operation of all of Miller’s plants and equipment.  Our goal is to have all of our asphalt plants receive the Trillium Award from The Ontario Hot Mix Producers Association (OHMPA). The Trillium Award is presented to a company for displaying itself as a good corporate citizen and pursuing “Best Practices” that comply with Legislation and Government Environmental Regulations.

Miller has submitted applications for 16 of our asphalt plants and all have been Trillium Award winners. We take extreme pride in operating all of our plants in an efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly manner. We achieve this while utilizing innovative processes and materials to produce low cost, high quality products.

As we must be recertified every 3 years, Trillium submissions are an ongoing reminder of the standards that each operation must maintain as an integral part of The Miller Group’s internal audit process and our commitment to safety and the environment.

We are also deeply involved in innovative ideas and technology with our sister company McAsphalt Industries in the area of warm mix, and with The University of Waterloo and CPATT studying the benefits of recycled post-construction shingle mixes. In addition to these efforts, we are also heavily involved with Ontario Government Agencies and Ryerson University in the use of post-construction shingles to enhance the properties of aggregates used in gravel roads to reduce dust and lower maintenance costs.

These joint efforts resulted in The Miller Group being awarded the 2008 Environmental Achievement Award from the Canadian Construction Association (CCA).