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An important component of land stewardship is the progressive and final rehabilitation of a pit or quarry. The Miller Group strives for leading-edge land management techniques, strong technical expertise, and partnerships with landowners, including local farmers.

Uxbridge Pit Before Uxbridge Rehabilitation with Corn

Before (left) and after (right) of progressive rehabilitation back to agriculture of gravel pit in Uxbridge with first-year corn crop.

Industry Recognition Awards — Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (OSSGA)

In 2023, The Miller Group was the recipient of 6 OSSGA Industry Recognition Awards:

  • Judges’ Choice Rehabilitation Award — Boyington Pit 
  • Property Enhancement Award — Murphy Pit Complex North and the Sydenham Quarry 

In addition, the following Miller locations were honoured:
  • Barclay Pit
  • Hale Pit
  • Wridale Pit
  • Murphy Pit Complex North was awarded 4 Gold Bars
  • Sydenham Quarry was awarded 2 Gold Bars 

In 2022, The Miller Group received 8 OSSGA Industry Recognition Awards:

  • Carden Quarry (Community Relations)
  • Ansley Pit (Progressive Rehabilitation)
  • Boyington Pit # 3 (Progressive Rehabilitation)
  • Simpson Pit (Progressive Rehabilitation)
  • Wridale Pit (Progressive Rehabilitation)
  • Sandy Beach Pit (Property Enhancement – Plaque and 4 Gold Bars)
  • Winters Pit (Property Enhancement – Plaque and 2 Gold Bars)
  • Braeside Quarry (Plaque and 6 Gold Bars)

In 2021, we also received 8 Industry Recognition Awards including, the Judge’s Choice Award for the naturalization work as part of our Clinton Pit’s progressive rehabilitation and the Biodiversity Award for Braeside Quarry. The Biodiversity Award compliments the Conservation Award that was presented to Braeside Quarry in 2016 from the Ottawa Field-Naturalists Club. 

Rehabilitation Gallery

West Grey after rehabilitation to soybean crop

Soybean crop growing on rehabilitated pit in West Grey

Uxbridge Earthmoving Rehabilitation process

Earthmoving phase of rehabilitation process at Uxbridge gravel pit

Uxbridge after initial rehabilitation

Uxbridge gravel pit after initial grading and seeding of rehabilitated area

Uxbridge - Corn growing on rehabilitation pit

Uxbridge gravel pit with corn crops growing after rehabilitation work

Uxbridge Rehabilitation with Corn

Corn crops nearing harvest on newly rehabilitated portion of former gravel pit in Uxbridge

West Grey before rehabilitation

Gravel pit in West Grey before undergoing rehabilitation

West Grey after rehabilitation

Gravel pit in West Grey after being rehabilitated to pasture land

Clinton naturalization rehabilitation

Pit in Clinton undergoing rehabilitation of naturalization back to forest

Chatham rehabilitated pit

Below water pit in Chatham rehabilitated to lake

Chatham rehabilitated pit 2

Below water pit in Chatham rehabilitated to lake