Slurry Seals are surface treatments that provide protection of the pavement surface by delaying the appearance of surface defects caused by both the environment and associated oxidization of the existing surface.

By sealing the pavement using a Slurry Seal, the rate at which the existing bituminous surface material oxidizes is greatly reduced. Slurry Seal systems are binder rich mixtures which waterproof and seal existing surfaces, protecting the pavement from the adverse effects of the environment.

It is a thin surface treatment not appropriate to resolve pavement structural deficiencies. These systems are well suited as a preventive maintenance treatment to extend the life of sound, low traffic volume pavements. Preventive maintenance treatments are low-cost treatments that retard deterioration of the pavement, maintain or improve the functional condition of roadways, and extend the pavement’s service life when applied to suitable candidates.

The service life extension of a pavement treated with slurry seal ranges from 4 to 8 years, depending on the condition of the existing pavement and the volume of traffic.

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